Kinetick Features

When it comes to market data there is only so much one can say. However, just like you expect your utility company to ensure that the lights in your home are on and the water is running, you should expect the same of your market data provider. Kinetick delivers fast, unfiltered streaming real time quotes through professionally managed data centers. We take speed, affordability and reliability very seriously.

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Technology You Can Depend On

Fast Unfiltered Streaming Real Time Quotes

Unlike some of our competitors, Kinetick does not drive performance at the expense of dropping real time price quotes. Kinetick is built on modern technologies that can handle delivering the high volume of data generated by today’s markets completely unfiltered from the exchange direct to your desktop in under a split second. With Kinetick… You will see the whole picture not just a snapshot of it.


As an active trader, you put your money on the line each and every day. System reliability is important. We understand this. We utilize a Quad Redundant ticker plant built on the latest technologies professionally managed by network engineers 24 x 7.

Optimized for NinjaTrader 7

Kinetick has been designed to be the optimal market data feed for the industry leading NinjaTrader 7 trading platform.

Trustworthy Backup

Do you use your brokerage account as your primary source for market data? Kinetick’s affordable pricing makes it cost effective to have a back up streaming real time quotes service giving you peace of mind that you have redundancy for those critical times when you can’t afford to be down.

Kinetick Will Save You Money

FREE Service for End Of Day Users

Why pay for daily data? Unlike the competition, Kinetick provides a FREE service for End Of Day data built directly into the NinjaTrader 7 trading platform.


Our competition charges well over $120 per month for real time market data…That’s expensive! Our streaming real time quote services start at only $55 per month!

Globex Non-Pro Exchange Fees

As an active trader, you have the option to reduce your exchange fees. Learn how you can reduce your CME exchange fees by using Kinetick through the NinjaTrader 7 trading platform.

Free Streaming Real Time News

Unlike the competition, Kinetick provides free streaming real time news from RTT News, PR Newswire and Business Wire with all of our streaming real time quotes packages.

Comprehensive Data

Broad Market Coverage

Kinetick covers the world’s leading exchanges for stock quotes, futures quotes and forex quotes.

Extensive Historical Data

Access up to 180 days of tick data, two years of intraday minute data and ten plus years of daily data.

Over 500 Market Statistics

Get over five hundred market statistics and breadth indicators such as TICK and TRIN many which update every second! Most competitors update at intervals of five seconds or more making it harder to get an instant read on the direction of the market.

Level II and Market Depth

Optional Level II and Market Depth data.

Fundamental Data

Kinetick delivers over 17 different fundamental market data fields.

Real Time Index Quotes

Stay up to date with streaming real time market index quotes.